It is better to show or tell?


Hull management, NDT, UTG, Non-destructive testing

Subsea Industries shows us how the entire shipping world can save up to 8% of fuel.

We all know that “Today’s ships are expected to demonstrate their environmental credentials in many different areas, including emissions, non-toxicity, fuel savings and more, Subsea Industries claims to have a hull coating solution that can not only save up to 8% in fuel consumption but is totally biocide-free and non-toxic.

Independent tests carried out in the Netherlands and Canada have verified that all the company’s coatings – Ecospeed, Ecoshield, Ecofix, Ecolock and Ecolast –are totally biocide-free and 100% non-toxic. This means there is no negative effect on the water column or the wider marine environment at any point in their use. This helps earn a good chip on sea as shipping is all about freight, crew salaries and fuel consumption.

The annual fuel consumption by the world fleet is estimated at 350m tonnes, and the above can save up to 80%  if the fleet switched to its coating systems from normal biocidal anti-foulings, it could save an estimated 28.5m tonnes in annual fuel consumption; which clearly is a big save every year.

Well, we are with all the new initiatives to save fuel and the environment in each & every way possible.

Do visit our UTG/NDT for more information on how we do it better.


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