A group of 16 out of 20 fishermen missing and Feared Dead after Piracy attack off the Atlantic coast of Suriname


“We are still searching the area with family members of the fishermen, hoping for a miracle”, said Mark Lall, president of the Fisheries Collective Association. “People are afraid. It is not the first time that so many boats have been attacked in one go, but I have the impression that most of the deaths will now be regretted at once”, he said.

On Friday, 27th April Pirates attacked the boats allegedly beating the fishermen with machetes before forcing them to jump into the sea.  Some of the victims had batteries tied to their legs to weigh them down.

Members of the Fisheries Collective Association along with the Coast Guard and police vessels are searching for the missing men and the pirates since the attack late Friday.

The Surinamese daily newspaper, reported that the pirates boarded the four fishing boats on Friday evening, bringing all of the 20 fishermen under attack. The Guyana Chronicle newspaper reported on Tuesday that the boats were manned by Guyanese nationals, four of men managed to swim ashore.  Two were reportedly taken off their boats with head injuries, while two others were fished out of the water by other fishermen. All four remain hospitalized.

So far, the case is not entirely clear. However, according to the media reports all 16 missing fishermen are feared dead.


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