Indian Navy confiscated cache of weapons near 1403N – 05135E.

Indian Navy confiscated cache of weapons near 1403N – 05135E.

16.05.2017: Posn: 1403N – 05135E,
As per our resources, a following Merchant vessel sighted 3 Dhows near 1403N – 05135E. At this the INDIAN NAVY acted and their assets boarded those dhows finding a cache of weapons which are now confiscated. No casualties are reported as of now. Merchant vessels & Mariners near this area to exercise extreme caution whilst transiting.


Ransomware: File extension .WNCRY not to open

A massive global ransomware cyber attack by the name “WannaCry” has affected computers across several countries, including India on Friday night. This virus infects individual computers with a malware that blocks access to all data on the system.

How Does the Malware Work?
“WannaCry” works by encrypting all the data on a computer system by appending ‘.WNCRY’ to the file extensions. The malware then displays a window informing users that their files have been encrypted and that they can be recovered only after the computer user/owner agrees to pay a ransom.

Although, all attachments with the extension name “.WNCRY” have been blocked in our settings, it is important that we share this critical information with you.

You should be aware that most ransom-ware attacks come in the form of an email attachment and you  should exercise extreme caution when opening email attachments. Never open an attachment in an email you were not expecting to receive or that you do not recognise the sender. You should use the same caution when presented with URL’s that you do not recognise or came from an unknown sender.

With today’s advanced ransom-ware techniques you only have to visit a website to become infected with ransom-ware. Let me make that clear. You DO NOT have to click anything on the website to infect the company with data encrypting ransom-ware.

3 Skiffs with 5/6 POB each sighted near 1321.7N – 04923.8E.

3 skiffs with 5/6 people each sighted near 1321.7N – 04923.8E.

11.05.2017: Posn: 1321.7N – 04923.8E,
Seafarers near PSN 1321.7N – 04923.8E have sighted 3 skiffs closing a Merchant vessel at speed to approx. 600 metres in. Each skiff had 5/6 pilot on board. Looking at this the embarked security team fired a warning flare eventually altering the course of skiffs. No weapons or ladders were sighted. Crew and vessel are reported safe.

A Merchant vessel was attacked at 253200N – 573300E.

A Merchant vessel was attacked at 253200N – 573300E.

07.05.2017: Posn: 253200N – 573300E,
As per our reports, a Merchant vessel was attached at 1440 UTC near PSN 253200N – 573300E around 14nm SW of Bandar-e Jask, Iran – Gulf of Oman. At the same time a vessel suspected to be the mother vessel was seen astern at a distance of 2 nm. As the skiffs moved in close, the crew observed the persons in the boat holding ladders. Looking at this the alarm was raised, speed was increased, necessary evasive manoeuvres commended and Ras al Khor Port contacted, who in-turn informed the Iranian navy.

As the bulk carrier changed course the skiffs and the suspected mother vessel followed. After around 20 minutes the Iranian navy called the bulk carrier to alter course at which point the skiffs aborted and moved away. All crew are reported safe.

9 skiffs with black & white hulls and 3 POB sighted at 1310.97N – 04918.89E.

03.05.2017: Posn: 1310.97N – 04918.89E,
As per our reports, a group of 9 skiffs with black & white hulls and 3 POB were sighted near PSN 1310.97N – 04918.89E. These skiffs surrounded the MV at around 0.6NM, looking at this the vessel fired 2 shots and the skiffs eventually moved away. Vessel and crew are reported safe, but Mariners are advised to exercise caution whilst transiting this area.

02.05.2017: Posn: 1226.8N – 04350.7E,
A group of 3/4 skiffs with green & white hulls and 4/5 POB have also been spotted in PSN 1226.8N – 04350.7E.

Vessel approached by five skiffs in the Horn of Africa.

Vessel approached by five skiffs in the Horn of Africa

02.05.2017: 1300 UTC: Posn: 12°8’0N – 44°16’0E,
As per our resources in the a MV vessel was approached by five skiffs in the Horn of Africa. These five Skiffs with 5 POB in each Skiff approached the vessel at 1300 UTC in position 12:08N – 044:16E, around 57nm SW of Aden, Yemen – Gulf of Aden. Out of the these Five skiffs, Four skiffs approached to port at 25kts and other skiff approached to starboard; starboard side skiff closed to 0.2nm. AST fired warning shots at starboard Skiff at which point all 5 skiffs turned away. Vessel and crew are reported safe.

Saudi Arabia – Security forces foil boat attack against fuel distribution in Jazan.

Saudi Arabia – Security forces foil boat attack against fuel distribution in Jazan.

25.04.2017: Boat Attacked on Saudi Fuel Terminal Foiled.
As per our sources a boat was attacked on Saudi Fuel terminal. Saudi Arabia has confirmed that a Yemen based Houthi rebel forces tried to attack an Armco fuel distribution terminal in Jazan province with a remotely controlled boat. This boat was filled with explosives. The state news agency said that this boat was destroyed by the Saudi naval forces before it hit its target, saving many lives. There are no reports regarding any injured crew members as of yet.

Earlier, Houthi rebels had hit a Saudi warship in a similar attack in January; eventually killing two crew members and injuring three others.

Six armed persons in a skiff chased and fired upon a Sierra Leone-flagged product tanker underway.

Six armed persons in a skiff chased and fired upon a Sierra Leone-flagged product tanker underway.

22.04.2017: 1442 UTC: Posn: 05:42N – 048:53E,
Around 5.7nm East of Somali Coast, Somalia.
Six armed persons in a skiff chased and fired upon a Sierra Leone-flagged product tanker underway at 1442 UTC in position 05:42N – 048:53E, around 6nm East of Somali Coast (approx 30nm NNE of Hobyo), Somalia. As soon as this happened the Master raised the alarm and sent a distress message. This message was responded by a Spanish warship, Galicia. The skiff chased the tanker for nearly two hours and then moved away due to the continuous evasive manoeuvres. One crew was reported injured while he was firing a flare. Later on a report indicated that the Spanish Navy apprehended those alleged pirates however the number of pirates are still not stated.

Capt. Radhika Menon honours Alphard with her presence.

[11th March 2017], Capt. Radhika Menon honours her presence at our Alphard Maritime’s Mumbai Office. We all know of her from the ceremony which took place at the IMO – International Maritime Organisation last year. Yes, she is India’s first female Merchant Navy captain to be awarded by the IMO for her exceptional bravery in the dramatic rescue of seven fishermen from a sinking fishing boat in tumultuous Bay of Bengal waters last year.

When she received her medal and certificate of commendation at the awards ceremony held at the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) headquarters this is what the unpretentious women had to say, “I am honoured and humbled by this great honour for me and my team. It is a seafarer’s duty to help souls in distress and I did my duty. Seafaring is a noble profession which contributes massively to world trade and economy as well as cultural integration. It does not always get the recognition it deserves.”

She spread tons of inspiration into each and every one by sharing her story and wisdom. Alphard Group can’t thank her enough for granting us for the portentous presence.